Nerdy Show Book Club Appearance + Austin Film Festival

The Nerdy Show podcast I'm on is up! Items discussed: aging, sex, the singularity, and going to the bathroom squatting on the toilet. Hat tip to Cap, Hex, Colin, and Brandon for a great show. Give it a listen! 

Also, is anyone going to the Austin Film Festival? I'm going to be there doing some panels and such. If you're around let's meet up and discuss our five year career plans and dream projects while sloshing beer and bbq sauce on each other.

Nerdy Show + WTF w/ Marc Maron

The great folks at the Nerdy Show podcast are featuring my book in their next book club episode. Hear  them kick it off in the current episode 59 where they also talk about Philip Jose Farmer's Riverworld series. I think the book after mine is Ready Player One. So I'm in good company! This is a great freewheeling, far-ranging, fun-loving podcast and I'm proud to be a part of it. If you haven't heard of it yet gird your ear-loins for hours of listening pleasure. I also enjoy their many sister podcasts especially their music podcast The Real Congregation. Here's one of the hosts, Cap Blackard, on Orlando Weekly. I want to steal his glasses and wear them as my own.

Speaking of podcasts you've probably heard of WTF w/ Marc Maron, haven't you? Of course you have. Well, a lot of you just listen to the comedians you know or admire and I want to tell you you are making a big mistake! Some of the best episodes are the ones with the lesser knowns, the slightly troubled, the lonely, the angry. Here are my absolute three favorites:

Fred Stoller: He is so hyper sensitive, self conscious, self effacing, socially awkward, and second guessing that instantly relate to him yet at the same time feel better about myself that I don't have it as bad as him. Imagine the most socially awkward and self conscious person you can imagine, multiply it times ten, and now watch Fred Stoller make that person you imagined look like George Clooney. He is also endearing and funny. He is also the voice of Rusty the Wrench on Handy Manny. Among topics discussed is the concept of uninvited rejection: where you are invited to join something and when you do you are then rejected.

Matt Graham: Scrabble champion and comedian. He has a fast, intimidating, and searing intelligence that when not being funny he tragically uses to create fantastic illusions about his life to hide simple truths from himself. Which we all do on some level. Smart, funny, troubled, but luckily he appears to be doing better now.

Paul Gilmartin: He was the host of Dinner and a Movie and is seething with resentments towards Marc Maron and inner demons that he sold out his edgy comedic desires to host Dinner and a Movie. A good listen for anyone who ever worries they sold out. EDIT: Paul Gilmartin does a podcast where he interviews various folks about their psychological issues and it is fantastic. It is called The Mental Illness Happy Hour. I just listened to the always funny Paul F. Tompkins one and yes he's on a ton of podcasts but I still learned a lot of new stuff about him.

I guess my three picks say a lot about me. On some level it's schadenfreude but on another level I relate to these individuals. My inner demons and their inner demons would all be good friends. There should be a word for both delighting in the misery of others while simultaneously commiserating. So get on that, Germans!

Jennifer Love Hewitt + Bibliomantics

Craig Rowin (comedian, writer, and actor in my new show) has a hilarious podcast called "It's That Episode" where he and a guest pick apart a specific TV episode. I had the honor of being a guest on his latest where we watch Jennifer Love Hewitt's "The Client List". Topics discussed include gratuitous subplots, gratuitous cutaways, gratuitous cleavage (even in the previous episode recap), and exchange tales involving Mark Hamill and bathrooms. Check it. I also recommend the Dana Snyder, Matt Besser, and my evil doppleganger the SNL Chris Kelly episodes.

Plus, Stephanie over at Bibliomantics put up an awesome review of my book that made my year and will surely be something I will cling to when I have those wake-up-at-2am-feeling-lost-and-failed moments. (You have those, don't you? No?) I have a secret crush on everyone that writes for this amazing site that is great for discovering new, weird books. Check that.

Spaceships and Cancer now at Powell's & Strand

Here's a photo of my book at Powell's in Portland. (Thanks to Kevin Sampsell for the photo. Creamy Bullets is awesome, btw.)

It says "Casper Kelly is the new king of goofball genius." You hear that, former king of goofball genius?!  There's a new king of goofball genius in town! This sign says so! But do not fear, former k.o.g.g., I am no Joffrey Baratheon and will permit you to spend your dotage peacefully on a modest estate on the coast of my kingdom of goofball geniusness.

My book is also for sale at the Strand in NY. Big thanks to Carson Moss.

Also huge thanks to the amazing Alex Barrett for the hook up. This has been a lifelong dream to have my book in a book store. To have my book in cool bookstores in cities I've always dreamed of living in, all the better. I am now envious of where my books get to live.

Composing Goodreads Ads

Goodreads has a program where you write little classified ads to plug your book. You only pay when people click on it. It's been thoroughly enjoyable - sort of like writing a haiku, or a Burma Shave ad or something. A nice thing is you can target the ads to only show on pages of specific authors (for me that's people like Charles Yu, George Saunders, or maybe Ray Bradbury) so I don't annoy people who are, say, on the "Heaven is Real" page. Here's some attempts. They are awaiting approval. Wish me luck!

More Stories about Spaceships and Cancer
Weird/sad/funny/perverse/twee/quasi sci-fi and or literary stories from Adult Swim writer Casper Kelly (Squidbillies, Aqua Teen, Birdman)

Who needs a traditional publisher?
Apparently me. I wouldn’t be here at 3am eating cold pad thai and trying to compose Goodreads ads. Give me e-love I obviously crave.

Help! I'm trapped in a Goodreads ad!
Please add my book so I may receive my food pellet. Book title: More Stories about Spaceships and Cancer. (Does not contain spaceships or cancer.)

Sex Fantasies at Work the name a novella in this absurdist short story collection. And it delivers the goods, but in a funny way, not like Fifty Shades of Grey or anything.

I am a shy person
And I seek the love I need by writing books and tiny, tiny Goodreads ads.

Do guys read anymore?
Or are they too wrapped up in video games and our current new Golden Age of Television? Just noticing a trend where books that appeal to women seem to dominate the bestseller list. Prove me wrong, men bitches!

Mystery/Thriller Fiction is Boring as Hell
The covers all have a knife or a woman’s torso or the silhouette of a guy running. Or handcuffs. They are the McDonalds of books. Time to try that hot new Indian/Mexican fusion place you read about (metaphorically) fool!

Can you say "penis" in a Goodreads ad?
Well, now we know the answer to that. Read this book of quasi-science fiction absurdist short stories by an Adult Swim TV writer.

Where is the male version of 50 Shades of Grey?
It will never exist. Didn’t you hear? The internet has streaming video. Now read a book of funny short stories completely unrelated to what I’ve just said.

Win 50 pounds of books!

No, no. Why did I just say that? Total lie. Total lie. I think I am losing my head folks. Need to stop writing Goodreads ads and go to bed. It is 3 am. Please add this book already.

If Ray Bradbury and Raymond Carver had a baby
That would have been weird. The baby also might have written this book. (Assuming the baby grew up and was equally influenced by each parent rather than just completely rebelling and becoming like an accountant in Tucson. (Nothing against accountants. If I had money I would probably have one.)

Humor enthusiasts!

I'd like to tell you about a book I lucked upon. It is a collection of funny bitlets by a host of amazing writers and artists. Stray thoughts:

1. A lot of the pieces are by Onion and Daily Show writers. It is great to see them have a chance to write some things non-Oniony/non-Daily-Showy.
2. I read it cover to cover and didn't skip around. That is rare for me. It's that good!
3. More than a few of the pieces I was jealous I hadn't thought of first. Always a good sign. For example, Plathy is a mash-up between Sylvia Plath and the Cathy comic strip. Yes, I know you hate the word "mash-up", so do I, but we live in a fast changing world and must use the words at hand to describe these new and fast changing things. I guess I could have used "juxtaposition."
4. I'm also jealous of the title. I feel like I've read at least a half dozen works of fiction that describe breasts as pendulous and yet never stopped to think how silly that sounds. I want to say two of the works were by John Updike. (I like John Updike, not trying to be snarky there. Not excessively snarky, anyway.)
5. Sadly it is not put out quarterly. It's just the one. Go ahead and pick up it up!
6. Oh yeah, proceeds go to the 826 National tutoring program.


Cover Artist

People have been asking me about the cover artist to my book, More Stories about Spaceships and Cancer. His name is Kimiaki Yaegashi and I love, love, love his work.
Here's his website:
Here's where you can buy some of his work: Thumbtack Press

Here's some of his new work. Right now he's in a bit of a pizza phase.

xTx & me

I've been a fan of fiction writer xTx for some time now and you should be too. Her stuff is raw and funny and sick and excited and pained and I relate to it. There's her blog, her book Normally Special, countless stories on the web and her free ebook, Nobody Trusts a Black Magician. The first story I read of hers is a hilariously exaggerated self-effacing screed of sexual ineptitude, CIRCLE SLASH ERECTIONS. It's Lena Dunham on steroids before Lena Dunham. I wrote a male response to this, I BET I'M MAKING YOU EXTREMELY NOT WET RIGHT NOW, and to my delight xTx rather liked it. She's allowed me to reprint both after the jump. Caution, these are pretty raunchy, thoroughly unerotic, and hopefully funny. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Now on iTunes

"More Stories about Spaceships and Cancer" is now available on iTunes in 32 countries including the USA, Canada, Ireland, Cypress, and Latvia. I'm pulling for you, Latvia! Surely among your 2.2 million citizens there is one English speaker willing to take a gamble on a collection of quasi-literary/science fictional/humorous/horror/metafictional short stories! Check it.
My story "The Sensitive Person's Joke Book" appears in Necessary Fiction.

My story "Adventures in Stapling" appears in Monkeybicycle.

Here's a short film I wrote and directed. It was in the Baltimore Film Festival and also screened at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It features the talents of Randy Havens and London LaRay. It was shot by Dave Bonawits, who directed the awesome film, Pleasant People (in which I play a small part as the protagonist's boss).

Here's an older short film I'm still pretty fond of featuring Claire Bronson and Brad Brooks.