Jennifer Love Hewitt + Bibliomantics

Craig Rowin (comedian, writer, and actor in my new show) has a hilarious podcast called "It's That Episode" where he and a guest pick apart a specific TV episode. I had the honor of being a guest on his latest where we watch Jennifer Love Hewitt's "The Client List". Topics discussed include gratuitous subplots, gratuitous cutaways, gratuitous cleavage (even in the previous episode recap), and exchange tales involving Mark Hamill and bathrooms. Check it. I also recommend the Dana Snyder, Matt Besser, and my evil doppleganger the SNL Chris Kelly episodes.

Plus, Stephanie over at Bibliomantics put up an awesome review of my book that made my year and will surely be something I will cling to when I have those wake-up-at-2am-feeling-lost-and-failed moments. (You have those, don't you? No?) I have a secret crush on everyone that writes for this amazing site that is great for discovering new, weird books. Check that.

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John O'Hara said...

I had only listened to "It's That Episode" once before (Seth Reiss). I really enjoyed your appearance on it & I just enjoy the whole premise of the show. I checked out the ones you suggested and they were all great too. I've liked every episode I've heard so far, despite not having seen any of the shows covered.