Nerdy Show Book Club Appearance + Austin Film Festival

The Nerdy Show podcast I'm on is up! Items discussed: aging, sex, the singularity, and going to the bathroom squatting on the toilet. Hat tip to Cap, Hex, Colin, and Brandon for a great show. Give it a listen! 

Also, is anyone going to the Austin Film Festival? I'm going to be there doing some panels and such. If you're around let's meet up and discuss our five year career plans and dream projects while sloshing beer and bbq sauce on each other.


John O'Hara said...

Excellent and hilarious episode. Good job!

cc said...

when are you bringing back the friedsociety comics brotato?

Casper Kelly said...

Thanks John! Hey, CC! I have them all scanned I just need to figure out a decent layout for 'em. Also, happy holidays!